Counter Terrorist & Security Media Interviews & Articles


Below are some links to various TV, magazine and newspaper interviews Risks Inc. has done over the last few years on maritime security, tactical firearms, counter terrorism and close protection. We have been covered by numerous international media outlets and been interviewed about kidnapping prevention, maritime piracy and our sniper training programs. I hope you enjoy the interviews and articles on security and close protection in a hostile environments, click on the titles to view!


Our clients can be assured they are getting the best training available from experienced professionals! Our training services are aimed at professional people and we provided down to earth, simple and effective ways to avoid or identify criminal threats and if necessary deal with them. The content of our courses are drawn from the many years of operational experience which, ranges from providing close protection in 5 star European hotels to training specialist police teams to operate covertly in the back streets of the emerging markets.


Click on the below links to view the videos and articles.


Newspaper and Magazine Interviews and Articles

TV Interviews

counter surveillance training
Orlando Andy Wilson
Orlando Andy Wilson
Orlando Andy Wilson
Orlando Andy Wilson
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