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Tactical Instructor Courses

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Tactical Instructor Courses

International Defense Strategies LLC was set up in 2013 as the US partner of Risks Incorporated. IDS LLC main functions has been to provide firearms, tactical and specialist security training for a wide variety of clientele.

IDS LLC's training syllabuses and instructors are from Risks Inc. which was formed in 2003 by a team of international security professionals. IDS LLC’s instructor training programs have been developed due to the demand for professional instructor certification programs for tactical firearms, self-defense and security training courses.

IDS LLC’s instructor training programs have been developed by experienced professionals with many year of operational and tactical instruction experience. The tactical instructor courses are aimed at those who are seeking serious instructor training and to be part of professional international network.

For comparison the National Rifle Association in the United States runs one-day firearms instructor certification programs with zero background or experience checks required. IDS LLC’s basic firearms instructor courses are 5-days long, you will need to provide proof you are free from criminal convictions, proof of a minimum 3-years comprehensive firearms handling experience and you will need to be able to prove you can organize and instruct courses to a high-standard.

IDS LLC’s instructor training programs are compact as we understand people have time constraints due for work, family and financial commitments. Please note: these are instructor training course and not solely firearms, self-defense or security courses, these courses will teach you how to properly deliver training classes and courses. The reason we are asking for 3-years comprehensive firearms or self-defense experience, is to ensure that those attending the courses are already skilled and understand the subjects that they will be teaching.

The tactical instructor courses we are offer at the moment are:

Those that successful pass the instructor courses to the required standard will be issues certification under the U.S. company "International Defense Strategies LLC." and will be included in their instructor network.

If you have any questions about IDS LLC’s tactical instructor courses then click here to contact us!

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