Risks Incorporated Course Dates

Below are our course dates for 2022. If you do not see a course or dates that you require contact us and let us know your requirements. We run a full range of private courses tailored to our clients requirements. Click on the below course date and title for more information! 


Please Note: Due to travel and operational commitments we are only offering a limited selection of public courses. If your require private courses please contact us and we can try to fit you into our schedules. Also, please follow out Instagram account for course updates @ https://www.instagram.com/risksinc/

Risks Inc. Courses in Athens Greece

Click on the below links for more information ad course pricing


November 11th/14th - Protective Surveillance Training

@ https://www.risks-incorporated.com/protective-surveillance-training


November 18th/20th - Kidnap Prevention Seminar

@ https://www.risks-incorporated.com/post/kidnap-prevention


November 22nd/23rd - Travel Security Seminar

@ https://www.risks-incorporated.com/post/travel-security-training


November 25th/28th - Urban & Rural Surveillance Training

@ https://www.risks-incorporated.com/surveillance-training-in-us-europe