Firearms Instructor Training

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Firearms Instructor Training

The IDS LLC Pistol Instructor & Shotgun/Rifle Instructor courses are two separate courses taught over 5-days and cover the essential techniques and skills required to plan, organize and deliver professional firearms classes, courses and events.

The firearms instructor training courses cover:

  • Event planning

  • Teaching skills

  • Firearms skill dry

  • Firearms skill live

  • Range management

These courses are practical, and students will be required to organize and teach assigned lessons. Everyone attending these courses must provide a minimum of 5-years comprehensive firearms handling experience and proof they are free from criminal convictions.

Those that successful pass the firearms instructor training courses to the required standard will be issues certification under the U.S. company "International Defense Strategies LLC." and will be included in their instructor network.

Note: Once you have attended one of these courses you will not have to do the range management or teaching skills phases (2-Days) again if you decide to do both courses.

Pistol Instructor

Serbia, Europe Course Fee: €1750.00

Certifications: Pistol Instructor & Range Management

Shotgun/Rifle Instructor

Serbia, Europe Course Fee: €1750.00

Certifications: Shotgun/Rifle Instructor & Range Management

Second Instructor Course

Serbia, Europe Course Fee: €999.00

Certifications: Pistol Instructor or Shotgun/Rifle Instructor

Click here for course dates!

Contact us for more information on out firearms instructor training programs! Click here for our contacts page!

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