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Tactical Training - Reaction to Hostile Fire

When I ask my students, what is the most important thing they must do in a hostile incident, most reply that they should simply shoot the bad guys and so on. The answer I am looking for is not to get shot. It’s OK being able to shoot a silhouette target on a comfortable range, but it’s another thing shooting a moving person who is doing their best to shoot and kill you.

You should, first of all, work out a plan of action that you will take in the case of an hostile incident. It is amazing how many supposed professionals have ever thought about their immediate reaction to an incident apart from drawing their pistol and shooting. In the below flyer is an adaption of the old British Army immediate reaction drill, read it, think about it and adapt it for your requirements.

Other things that need to be considered are means of communication, safe areas, when to fight, and when to flee. Planning is what sorts the professionals from the amateurs. If you plan how to deal with a hostile or emergency situation, and if it actually happens, you’ll know how to react to it and not panic.

Orlando W.

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