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Tactical Team Building Activities & Events

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Tactical Team Building Activities & Events

My tactical team building activities and events that will give you a glimpse into the enigmatic world of kidnap and ransom negotiations, bodyguard details and private military contractor operations. Our strategic team building experiences and events are coordinated by tactical instructors who will test and enhance the participant’s communications, problem solving and conflict resolution skills, as well as developing leadership and team management skills in unique and challenging scenarios. We have instructors and location in South Florida, London, Belgrade (Serbia) and Athens, Greece.

Corporate Team Building Events

Our corporate team building activities and events will test your corporate team member’s leadership, organizational and communications skills in a variety of challenging and confidence building activities. There are no physical requirements for our events, we work with clients from all backgrounds and ages.

We organize the following team building events which run from one day to week in duration. These scenarios can be combined and expanded on to suit your requirements! We can provide these events at one of our locations or send instructors to your location of choice.

  • Kidnap & Ransom Negotiator: Enter the world of kidnap and ransom negotiation and learn the skills required to return the taken.

  • Bodyguard School: Learn to be the protector of others and to identify the threats they do not see!

  • Surveillance Operator: The skill of watching without being seen… Can you run a covert surveillance operation?

  • Unarmed Combat: In this one day event, you will learn the secrets of being street wise and fundamentals of self-defense.

  • The Boot Camp: A day of health, fitness and problem solving! We can adapt this event to the fitness level of your team and include health lectures with activities to test the coherence of your team!

  • Tactical Firearms: Our team building events do not include the use of firearms unless requested. Where they are legal we can include firearms training within the events or arrange specific firearms events. Depending on the location we can organize events ranging from corporate fun shoots, SWAT and sniper training. Participants for our firearms course must provide proof of good character. Click here for a list of our firearms training services.

Boardroom Team Building Simulations

My boardroom simulations are team building exercises that can last from several hours to several days and are aimed to test a corporate team’s ability to plan and execute operations. Our team building scenarios are based on international security operations and put the corporate team into the roles of hostage negotiators and security contractors. The corporate team members will get to explore and expand on their communications, conflict resolution and team management skills while interacting and dealing with an array of international characters and issues!

Here are a few of the scenarios my associates and I can organize to test your corporate team’s abilities. These scenarios can be combined and expanded on to suit your requirements!

  • Hostage Negotiation: Negotiate the return of team member who has been kidnapped by criminals in a developing country.

  • Hostile Extraction: A team member is stranded in an overseas location and is being pursued by corrupt officials, can you get them back to safety?

  • Convoy Detail: Can you escort a convoy of hazardous merchandise through a conflict zone, could be harder than is sounds!

  • Close Protection Detail: Personal Protection details are more brains than brawn… You need to protect a wealthy VIP who has an array of personal and business issues….

The boardroom team building simulations can be provided remotely via video- conference systems for locations with high speed Internet connections.

Let me know if you have any questions about out team building events!

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