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Hostile Environment Training Courses

Updated: Apr 15, 2023

Hostile Environment Training Courses

Over the years we have interacted with many journalists, corporate and NGO personnel who routinely work in hazardous and hostile environments. Over 1100 journalists alone have been killed since 1992 and a lot others assaulted, wounded, kidnapped and imprisoned. We have many years of international travel, operational experience in potentially hostile environments and are aware of the problems that can occur; not only the issues of terrorism but the threats from medical emergencies, petty crime, false arrest and natural disasters etc.

Our Hostile Environment Awareness Training is applicable to journalists, media crews, NGO staff and those doing business in potentially unstable and hazardous locations, such as entrepreneurs, oil and gas or mining personnel and corporate attorney's.

5-Day Hostile Environment Training Courses

Our intensive 5-day kidnap prevention & hostile environment training courses teach the essential skills required to safely travel and work potentially dangerous locations be it high crime inner city housing projects or third world war zones. What we teach is experienced based and due to our vast experience we understand the problems that can occur and can train you to formulate contingencies to avoid or deal with the potential problems. Our courses cover:

  • Planning & preparation

  • Travel security

  • Residential & hotel security

  • Secure movements within a hostile environment

  • Working in an hostile environment

  • Emergency & crisis response

  • Tactical first aid

  • Firearms familiarization

Hostile Environment Training Courses in South Florida Public Course Fee: $2250.00 per, person. Private Individual Course Fee: $4750.00

Hostile Environment Training Courses in Athens, Greece Public Course Fee: €1800.00 per, person. Private Individual Course Fee: €3600.00 Includes food, accommodation, transport

Note: Our hostile environment courses are for professional people that are seeking serious training. We do not subject our clients to fake interrogations or other humiliating or degrading activities that have absolutely no relevance or place in professional hostile environment or personal security training.

We also provide a full range of hostile environment services and have a network of contacts and instructors who have operated throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and MENA including Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Nigeria. Our services include:

  • Security & travel assessment services

  • Contingency planning services

  • Security advisers

  • Trouble shooting services

  • Facilitating assignments and stories

  • Local media services

We have training locations in U.S., Europe, Middle East and we can send instructors to your locations. Let us know your requirements and we will let you know how we can help you achieve your objectives.

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