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Firearms Training and Shooting Events in Europe

We offer tactical firearms training courses in Serbia for recreational shooters, tactical operators and security  contractors. If you do not see a set course or package that fits your needs let us know and we can customize a firearms training program for you. If you are seeking tactical training we have world class instructors that well teach you cutting-edge tactics and techniques. If you are looking for a more relaxed shooting vacation we can include activities ranging from wine tasting to off-road driving. 

We offer public group and individual one-to-one courses that can be arranged by appointment. If you have groups that require training contact us with your requirements and we can provide you with our groups rates. The courses are held in Belgrade and at other locations throughout Serbia. Click on the course titles for more information!

1-Day Firearms Familiarization (Pistol/AK-47/Shotgun)

1 -Day Class: €300.00

Tactical Firearms Training Courses (Pistol/AK-47/Shotgun)

3-Day Phase 1: Tactical Firearms Training Course: €1100.00

3-Day Phase 2: Tactical Firearms Training Course: €1400.00

Tactical Rifle / Sniper Training

6-Day Tactical Rifle / Sniper Training: €2850.00

Combat Pistol Training

5-Day Combat Pistol Training - €2275.00

Hostage Situation & Active Shooter Response

4-Day Hostage Situation Response: €2250.00


Room Clearance / SWAT Training (Pistol/AK-47/Shotgun)

4-Day SWAT Training Course: €2250.00


Close Protection Firearms Training (Pistol/AK-47/Shotgun)

2-Day Close Protection Training: €799.00

The above courses do not include food or accommodation, we can assist with hotel bookings to fit your budget. Transport is provided.​ Note: Everyone taking our firearms courses must prove residency and proof of good character.

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