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1-Day Firearms Familiarization Class in Europe

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

1-Day Firearms Familiarization Class in Europe (Serbia)

These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors We can customize courses and send instructors to your locations Let us know your requirements!

The one day firearms familiarization class in Europe is aimed at those who would like a basic knowledge of pistols, the AK-47 and tactical shotguns. We can tailor these courses to the needs shooting sportsmen, interested civilians or security contractors. In this firearms course you will learn how to strip and assemble the weapons, as well as learning how to use and shoot them safely.

Cost: €300.00 Euro

Students must be able to provide proof they are free from criminal convictions. Contact us for course dates!

The fees for our firearms training courses in Europe includes use of shooting ranges, ammo (9mm Para and 7.62 Kalashnikov), use of AK-47 and pistols, instructors and transportation from hotel to shooting range. Fees do not include airfare to Belgrade, food and accommodation. Extra ammo is available for purchase.

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