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Formal Dress Code For Close Protection

Formal Dress Code For Close Protection

Appearance is an extremely important and your clothes should always be clean and neat. If you are dressed immaculately you will appear to exude confidence and strength and people will assume that you have the knowledge and the ability to take care of yourself and others... Always dress to the clients requirements...

  • Suits should be of a dark color; a conservative fine pin stripe is preferable to a fashion suit.

  • You should always get a big double breasted jacket that can be done up and conceal what equipment you are carrying on your person, i.e. radios, phones, first aid kit, weapons, ammo, etc.

  • Try not to always wear white shirts- most people who wear suits all the time wear colored shirts, dress to blend in with your environment. Colored shirts have the advantage of not showing sweat or dirt so much as white shirts

  • Your tie should be silk, it should be a darker color than your shirt, match the suit and the knot should be of medium size but this size should match the collar.

  • You need to wear belt and braces; belts are a necessity for carrying radios or weapons. Braces will keep your trousers up with all the equipment you've got on your belt.

  • Black shoes will go with any color suit except brown, tie shoes are preferable no buckles and no combat boots. Brown shoes only go with brown suits.

  • Socks should be dark in color and should match the suit.

  • The only exceptable jewelry are wedding bands.

  • If you have tattoos they should be covered.


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