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Tactical Rifle / Sniper Training in Europe

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Tactical Rifle / Sniper Training in Europe (Serbia)

These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors We can customize courses and send instructors to your locations Let us know your requirements!

Our 6-day tactical rifle and sniper training in Europe is aimed at serious tactical shooters and security contractors. Our sniper school teaches proven tactics used by special operations military snipers and tactical police snipers in hostage rescue situations and for PSD details. We organize our sniper courses in Europe in Serbia, which is about 2 hours' flying time from most European capital cities. While in our sniper school in Serbia, you will be accompanied and supervised by our tactical firearms instructors who have a wealth of experience and are drawn from special police and military units.

Subjects covered on the precision rifle / sniper course includes:

  • Introduction of sniper rifles

  • Precision shooting, from 100-300m

  • Precision shooting on time and command for hostage rescue situations

  • Precision shooting under stress

  • Precision shooting multiple targets

  • Precision shooting in low light conditions

  • Precision shooting targets behind cover

  • Sniper applications for hostage rescue situations

  • Field craft

  • Operational planing & scenarios...

Cost: €2850.00 Euro

Students must be able to provide proof they are free from criminal convictions.

The fees for our firearms training courses in Europe includes use of shooting ranges, ammo firearms, instructors and transportation from hotel to shooting range. Fees do not include airfare to Belgrade, food and accommodation. Extra ammo is available for purchase.

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