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Combat Pistol Training in Europe

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Combat Pistol Training in Europe

This course covers using a pistol as a primary weapon for long range and close combat shooting. The course is designed for security contractors and law enforcement personnel who work armed with a pistol in potentially hostile environments. The combat pistol course will show the capabilities of modern pistols and teach you how to effectively employ a pistol in close and long range hostile situations. The course is held at an outdoor and indoor shooting ranges in Serbia.

The combat pistol course covers:

  • Instinctive shooting

  • Precision shooting

  • Close combat

  • Room clearance

  • Long range pistol shooting

  • Live fire tactical scenarios

Cost: €2275.00 Euro

Students must be able to provide proof they are free from criminal convictions.

Contact us for course dates!

The fees for our firearms training courses in Europe includes use of shooting ranges, ammo, use of pistols, instructors and transportation from hotel to shooting range. Fees do not include airfare to Belgrade, food and accommodation. Extra ammo is available for purchase.

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