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Survival Training Courses in Europe

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Survival Training Courses in Europe

We provide all season survival courses and seminars geared towards the skill levels and requirements of our clients. Our instructors have many years military, survival and woodsman experience and teach relevant and real-world skills that are applicable in emergency and survival situations.

Be it daytime seminars in emergency procedures for hikers and beginners to weeklong survival challenges in the forests of Serbia for those seeking intensive training. In addition to the survival and woodsman skills you will learn you will gain confidence, a positive mindset and when not in the woods, you will experience amazing hospitality. Let us know your requirements!

Our survival training courses can include:

  • Survival fundamentals

  • How to light a fire

  • How to make and find shelter

  • Emergency food & gathering

  • How to collect water

  • Wildlife tracking

  • Licensed hunting / fishing possibly available on request

  • Map reading and navigation

  • Cross country movement

  • Emergency first aid

  • Crisis psychology and positive mindsets

We public and private courses so let us know your requirements. At this point we are running courses in Serbia and offering a set 4-day public course, check the below link for course dates.

4-Day Survival Courses in Serbia (One night in the woods)

Group Course Fee €750.00

Private Course Fees Depend on Clients Requirements and Start at €1950.00

Fees does not include hotel accommodation or food

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