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Risks Inc. was formed in 2003 and provides counter terrorism, kidnap ransom services, corporate investigation, tactical firearms training, close protection, bodyguard training and services in US, Europe, Middle East & Africa.


Our management, instructors and operators have many years’ diverse experience in the international defense, intelligence, and security industries. We provide innovative close protection, tactical and security management training for civilian, NGO and Government clients.  Risks Inc.’s goal is to provide our clients with finest corporate intelligence, tactical training, close protection and security services, while installing in them the confidence, positive mindsets, foresight and skills to live secure and productive lives.

We teach our clients on our tactical, firearms, close protection and hostile environment awareness training courses are the essential skills to keep themselves and others alive if they are unfortunate enough to be caught up in a hostile situation. We teach solid real world skills, not Hollywood dramatics! We also put an emphasis on avoiding confrontations and working under strict rules of engagement

Our personal are available to travel and have experience of providing tactical training, security and intelligence services throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and MENA.

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