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Selecting Firearms for Close Protection Details

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Selecting Firearms for Close Protection Details

I hear people talking about what’s the best firearms for close protection details all the time and 90% of what I hear is complete bullshit.

I recently had some gun store commando in Europe trying to push the benefits of the 12-gauge Saiga shotguns on me over say a regular AK-47… Something to do with the kinetic energy of a 12-gauge slug at 100 meters… Saiga shotguns are very nice guns, but I take it they were all this guy had used or could sell due to the restrictions on semi-auto rifles in his country. But some unwitting buyer could easily take this gun shop owner and self-proclaimed firearms expert’s advice and end up buying firearms for use in hostile environments that were not suitable, overpriced, with the ability of being able to buy effective ammunition, spare magazines and parts locally being extremely difficult if not impossible.

If you are undertaking an armed close protection or security detail there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you start spending money of firearms.

  • Legality: You need to first find out if can you legally work armed and what permits are required for you to possess and carry firearms. If you need to import firearms then you will need a lot more paperwork to purchase, export and import the firearms and ammunition. Also, in many locations there are restrictions on what security personnel and private citizens can possess and carry.

  • Firearms Availability: In many states in the United States firearms are available to non-felons and those with the required permits. But in many other locations in the world firearms are very restricted and the types of firearms available can be very limited. No point having a sexy FN Five-seven pistol or a .300 Blackout AR-15 if you can’t get the ammo or spare parts for them… So, consider; What firearms do you have access to? How can you buy the required firearms and from whom? Do you have the required licenses and permits to buy the firearms and ammunition?

  • Budget: Guns and ammo costs money, so you need to realistically workout what firearms, magazines, ammo, licenses and permits you will require and price it accurately. In many cases you might want to have an FN-SCAR and a dozen magazines but due to legal restrictions and budget you end up with a Chinese shotgun and a half a dozen shells.

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