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NGO Security, Support and Training Services

NGO Security, Support and Training Services

We provide a full range of security consultancy, hostile environment awareness training and security services for non-governmental organizations / non-profits. We have many years of diverse experience from working in emerging markets and potentially hostile areas ranging from 1st world inner cities to natural disaster zones.

Our experience enables us to understand the potential problems front line NGO staff can encounter and formulate hostile environment awareness training programs and consultancy services that address the specific needs of your organization. Our objective is to educate those we work with and to enable them to work securely, independently and with confidence in the environments they choose to work in.

Where required our security advisors will provide your organization with low-profile and an unobtrusive security presence to identify, avoid, manage, or rectify potential security or risk management issues.

Our NGO security, support and training services include:

  • Hostile environment awareness training

  • Security consultancy & emergency planning

  • Virtual security training

  • Virtual security advisory

  • Pre-deployment planning

  • Security advisors & security staff

  • Logistical support

  • Investigation & problem solving

  • Extraction planning & services

We are an independent company that has no financial backers or outside influences, our clients can be assured of confidentiality, that’s we always work in their interests and provide them with candid facts, real perspectives, and solutions. If you have any questions about our NGO security, support and training services please contact us.

Books on Amazon

Threat Assessments for Close Protection & Security Management

This book shows you how to compile threat assessments for security management projects.


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