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Firearms Training in US & Europe

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Tactical Firearms Training in US & Europe

These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors. We can customize courses and send tactical firearms instructors to your locations. Let us know your requirements!

Our tactical firearms training in South Florida and Europe is aimed at professional people and serious tactical shooters who require top quality tactical firearms training. All of our tactical firearms classes are taught in a relaxed, ego free and informal environment, they are run by appointment only to fit into our client’s schedules -just let us know when you want class. We adapt the contents of the tactical firearms courses to the student's skill level and personal circumstances, so let us know what you need. We run our tactical firearms training in South Florida, Belgrade, Serbia and Athens, Greece. We can also send tactical firearms instructors to your location. Below is a selection of the tactical firearms training in South Florida, Europe & Middle East that we offer; if you do not see what you are looking for let us know your requirements and we will create a tactical training program for your needs.

Our tactical firearms instructors are all experienced professionals who have plenty of real world experience. The content of our tactical firearms courses are based on the real world experience of our tactical firearms instructors and include basic and advanced shooting techniques used by high risk bodyguards and special operations personnel. This means we only teach our students tactics and techniques that work in the real world and not Gung Ho theories that sound good in a comfortable classroom but fail to work in reality.

The tactical firearms training we offer include!

  • Basic & Advanced Tactical Pistol Training

  • Basic & Advanced Tactical Shotgun Training

  • Basic & Advanced Tactical Carbine Training

  • Close Protection Firearms Training

  • Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Classes

  • Firearms Familiarization Classes

  • Tactical Sniper Training

  • Intensive Room Clearing & SWAT Course

  • Corporate Shooting and Corporate Entertainment

Click on the below links for the courses we offer in South Florida, Europe and the Middle East.

Our tactical firearms training in South Florida, Europe and the Middle East are the best value for money available. Read our references, check our experience and prices, then compare them to our competitors. If you don't train with us, then you are not training!

Note: Everyone taking our firearms courses must prove residency and proof of good character.

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