Advanced Close Protection / Bodyguard Training in South Florida

Updated: May 17, 2019

Advanced Close Protection / Bodyguard Training in South Florida (8-Day Course)

These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors We can customize courses to our client’s requirements and send instructors their locations Let us know your requirements!

The advanced bodyguard - tactical training in South Florida is intended for the commercial operative, who aims to provide low profile protection services to clients who are under potential threat and for executives, due to the nature of their businesses are at potential risk from organized crime and terrorists. This is an advanced bodyguard training course, which focuses on the subjects that are relevant to those conducting business in potentially high risk environments, where high profile protection techniques would only attract the attention of criminals and corrupt government officials.

The advanced bodyguard - tactical training in South Florida puts an emphasis on teaching the student to operate in different environments and around the general public. Our students will learn the difference between classroom theories, which may sound good in a comfortable classroom, and what is in fact practical in the real world. This course includes theory and practical field exercises for the students to complete with minimum supervision. This is a training course for serious students, not a classroom-based seminar. By the end of the course, the competent student will have the knowledge to provide comprehensive and practical protective services.

The content for our covert operations and advanced bodyguard training in South Florida are based on the diverse experiences of our operatives, gained while undertaking business consultancy and protective services, internationally. We can adapt our advanced bodyguard training courses to not include firearms training if the student wishes this.

Public course fee: $2800.00 US ($800.00 advance booking fee) Private individual course fee: $3900.00 US ($800.00 advance booking fee) Private group fee: Depends on your requirements! The course fee does not to include accommodation or ammunition

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