Fundamentals of Close Combat

Fundamentals of Close Combat

  • Pre-Defined Strategy: You must have a thought-out defensive strategy for dealing with potentially hostile situations

  • Maximum Use of Distractions: You must make the maximum use of distraction to give you the fractions of a second you need to get to your weapon or initiate a strike.

  • Weapon Deployment: If you can get to your weapon then why have it… If you can’t set up the strike they what have you been training for?

  • Head Shots / Throat Cuts or Strikes: If you shoot, then shoot to kill… If you cut or strike, then end it quickly!

Risks Inc. runs a full range of unarmed / armed self-defense classes and tactical training courses in South Florida, Mexico City, Serbia, Athens Greece, London UK.

Stay safe and any questions then let me know,

Orlando Wilson - Risks Incorporated -

"Stay low and keep moving"

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