Close Protection and Bodyguard Training Courses

Updated: May 17, 2019

Close Protection and Bodyguard Training Courses South Florida & Europe

These courses are open to civilians, police, military personnel and contractors We can customize courses to our client’s requirements and send instructors their locations Let us know your requirements!

Our close protection and bodyguard training courses in South Florida and Europe are aimed at serious students who will go on to use the skill taught on the courses. We train both novices and experienced personnel. Our and bodyguard training courses are training courses not classroom based seminars. We keep our students busy, as we want to give them the best value for their money. We run these courses in Western Colorado, South Florida U.S. and Europe.

Our close protection and bodyguard training courses consist of theory and practical exercises; you cannot learn real world skills sitting in a classroom. There is a big difference between those who are well read, who think they know how to operate in theory, and those who can operate in the real world. Our bodyguard school teaches tactics that are low profile and everything we teach is simple. We put an emphasis on pre-planning and the avoidance of any problems. Our courses train people to work to a threat level that would be encountered in today's emerging markets where organized crime and terrorist incidents are part of everyday life. If you do one of our programs, there is a chance that you may sweat, be tired, have sore feet, be hot or cold or be bitten by insects. This goes with the nature of the industry.

Our bodyguard school can adapt the training courses to exclude firearms training, if the student requires this. In reality, when traveling internationally, there are very few countries in which you can legally have access to and carry firearms. It often comes as a surprise to most that many international protective details are unarmed. Due to our wealth of operational experience the techniques and tactics taught on our courses are applicable to both armed and unarmed protective services.

On our bodyguard training courses in Colorado, Florida and Europe the students are required to complete real world tasks, some independently, all tasks are safe and legal. Students who successfully complete our courses receive Risks Inc. certification. We assess students throughout the course, there is no end of course true or false test. Students are judged on their attitude, ability and whether we would be happy working with them. We train a maximum of 5 students per class which ensures our students get individual attention and the best instruction possible.

Our close protection and bodyguard training courses are the best value for money available. Read our references, check our experience and prices, then compare them to our competitors. If you don't train with us, then you are not training! courses in Florida and Europe are the best value for money available. Read our references, check our experience and prices, then compare them to our competitors.

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