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Travel Security Training Courses

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

2-Day Travel Security and Management Courses

Athens, Greece & Belgrade, Serbia

Our travel security and management course is aimed at those who are responsible for organizing domestic and international travel services for individual, corporate and UHNW clients. This course will enable you to identify, avoid and plan for any potential problems your clients might encounter and ensure their travels are safe and stress free.

In these troubled times you need to be aware of the realistic threats you might encounter and to be able to provide your clients with the services they require without compromising their security and well being. We have decades of international travel experience from Five-Star to No-Star and what we teach is drawn from our experiences.

Click on the below image to read Orlando Wilson's article on travel security

in the United Arab Emirates Interior Minister 999 Magazine!

The Risks Inc. travel security course is applicable for personal assistants, butlers, travel managers, international travelers and high-end close protection personnel alike. Our travel security courses are also adaptable for leadership development and team building events. Our courses can be fully customized to fit our clients time frames and requirements, so let us know your what you need if you have private groups or would like individual training.

The courses cover:

  • Assessing the threats

  • Planning a problem free trip

  • Getting from A to B

  • Accommodation considerations

  • Corporate meetings

  • Social considerations

  • Dealing with local service providers

  • Crisis Management

  • And much more!

We are running these courses in Athens, Greece, and Belgrade, Serbia. We can also send instructors to your locations!

Public Group Course Fees €300.00

Contact us for private group or individual course fees

Books on Amazon

Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security

This book high-lights travel security issues & gives you effective solutions!


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