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Fundamentals of the Tactical Assault

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Fundamentals of the Tactical Assault

  • Fast and Fluid Movement: Stay low and keep moving, fluid individual and team movement comes from training, training, and more training!

  • Maximum Use of Cover: Always use cover, always look up, always cover your rear, never stand in open ground, and never stay in open ground… Get to cover!

  • Accuracy of Fire: Fire accurate and controlled shots, don’t waste ammo, don’t spray, and pray, every shot has a meaning, reason, and target!

  • Flexibility in Arcs of Fire: You will sweep your people; trigger control is gun safety… Always be prepared for 360-degree contacts and defense! Sorry, but the bad guys don’t read the conventional warfare rule books and don’t follow the rules!

  • Accurate and Sustained Suppressing Fire: Don’t waste ammo, suppress the targets with accurate and controlled fire. Get comfortable working and moving with close fire support, closer the fucking better!!

  • Maximum Aggression on Target: If it’s a threat or potential threat kill it… If you need to capture a target have the necessary non-lethal weapons deployed and backed up with lethal weapons!

  • Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse……

Risks Inc. runs a full range of tactical, sniper, SWAT and special operations courses. Our tactical police, special operations and counter terrorism training courses are for agencies that have to deal with the threat of narco terrorism, counter insurgency and para-military groups. Risks Inc.'s tactical instructors are predominantly former military personnel with operational experience in counter insurgency and low intensity warfare in both urban and rural environments. Because of our commercial operation experience, we understand how criminal groups from the emerging markets think and operate. The specialist law enforcement units that Risks Inc. works with in Central/South America, Caribbean, West Africa & Middle East  have all seen a noticeable improvement in their operation successes.

Orlando Wilson - Risks Incorporated

"Stay low and keep moving"

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