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Tactical Entertainment & Stress Training

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Tactical Entertainment & Stress Training

The tactical culture had flourished over the last few years, I take it because everyone these days has easy access to video cameras and social media platforms, but I think this has caused the lines between reality and the tacticool entertainment world to become very, very blurred…

It takes little these days to be part of the tactical culture; buy a gun (where legal), buy some tactical cloths, buy some tactical accessories, start watching some tactical social media channels and maybe even take some no-fail tactical training courses, then after a few months you’re an expert… Where as in the good old days the only option if you wanted this lifestyle was to join the military, preferably the Infantry!

I understand the tactical industry is about selling, its about making money, no different than selling kitchen products and cookery classes or golf clubs and golf lessons. To be honest, working in a kitchen with sharp knives, boiling water, hot surfaces etc. is more dangerous than most tacticool entertainment classes… From a business perspective the mainstream tactical and gun industry is not about dealing with the reality of violence, its about selling products and providing entertainment in a safe environment. Which, I see no problem with, until people start believing that their play world can transfer into the real world….

Stress Training

I would say due to my background, my training influences at base level is what I was taught in the British Army and then more importantly what I learnt and experienced dealing in Eastern Europe and South Africa in the 90's, followed by other adventures in other places where I learnt what worked and more importantly, what didn't.

Providing realistic tactical training in US and Western Europe is virtually impossible due to excessive safety rules and regulations, which are needed to prevent tacticool warriors killing themselves and others by accident when attempting to replicate something they have just seen in some computer game. The below videos are from our tactical police training courses in Mexico; we are using live rounds in a derelict building and have people between the targets. I am sure many of you will say this is not safe, well we are training teams to deal with high-risk situations and not training those seeking cozy tacticool entertainment events for purpose taking warrior selfies for face book!

The only way to understand what it’s like to be shot at is to be shot at, the only way to be confident to shoot past someone and hit your target is to do so in training. Were people hurt by flying debris and ricochets; yes of course, and they sucked it up and understood we were conditioning them for the confrontations they would be facing. If you find such training unsafe and scary, then I suggest you stay away from potentially hostile environments. If you disagree with our methods that's your prerogative but be assured those in these videos proved our methods to be effective on many occasions to the extreme!

Things need to be kept in perspective and to me if someone is serious about training they will want to work, be open to constructive criticism and accept they need to be taken outside of their comfort zone. For example, if it someone who is not a “gun person” is seeking to own a firearm for self-defense then a simple thing as drawing from a holster can be outside of their comfort zone, and I respect that. If someone is into the tactical culture and wants to dress up and play soldiers, I respect that also. Some of the airsoft enthusiasts I have met have been very cool and realize what they are doing is a sport. A sport that can be physically demanding, where you will fail at some point and it can be very painfully when hit with a BB. There is a big difference between dressing up in the latest tactical fashion for selfies and stepping outside of your comfort zone!

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