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Tactical Firearms Training - Dry Fire Training

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Tactical Firearms Training - Dry Fire Training

In many places the access to firearms is very restrictive and ammunition can be very expensive. In the United States people have been spoiled with how accessible and affordable firearms and ammunition are, but with the new Biden and Harris government that could all change very quickly for the worse.

In most other places outside the U.S. where firearm ownership and defensive carry is available for private citizens and security personnel the prices of guns and ammunition can be very pricey and the application processes to own and carry guns can be a bureaucratic nightmare.

In many places it’s mandatory to belong to a gun club or shooting association who are the ones that have control of the shooting ranges. Personally, I have little time for clubs and associations as they tend to be very clicky and attract a lot of the failed males that seem to think that owning a gun will compensate for their shrunken testicles.

A lot of gun clubs and public shooting ranges have strict rules on what live fire drills can be done on their ranges, with drawing from a holster and rapid fire being banned in many places for safety reasons. I understand why they do this as many that seek to practice drawing a live pistol from a holster have zero training and can end up shooting themselves of others. And those rapid firing tend to not be able to control their firearms and end up shooting the range ceilings, floors, walls, and target carries which all cost the range owners money to repair.

It can be very difficult to find ranges where you can properly train for carrying a pistol, shotgun or carbine for defensive purposes and finding locations where you can run close protection and team drills is even more of a challenge. So, in such conditions how can you continue to train and stay up to speed, well the only option is dry fire training.

Personally, I have always practiced dry fire drills even when I had access to affordable ammunition and decent shooting ranges. If your serious about carrying a pistol or other firearms for defensive purposes dry fire drills should be part of your physical training program, think of them as “Kata” with firearms.

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