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Shotguns For Defense & Armed Security

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Shotguns For Defense & Armed Security

I would say the firearm I have encountered the most in the security business internationally is the shotgun. I have heard many supposed experts within the close protection industry dismiss shotguns as be “cowboy” and “overkill” and not having an application. Personally, I would strongly question the experience of these experts.

Over the last 30 years I have worked commercially in the security and firearms business in Europe, US, Africa, Middle East, Caribbean, and Latin America. I have encountered shotguns being used in all locations where firearms are legally employed for security and defensive purposes. There are pros and cons to shotguns as there are with all firearms that need to be understood, and I will try to explain a few of the main points in this article.

Shotguns in The Security Industry

In many places where firearms are allowed to be used in the legal security industry the first firearms you tend to come across is the shotgun for a number of reasons. Shotguns are primarily seen as sporting guns with recreational applications for clay pigeon shooting and hunting, so are usually legal to some extent in most countries which makes it easier for them to be included in any armed security industry regulations.

Even though shotguns are extremely effective weapons they have limitations and are generally not classified as military type weapons due to their limited range, rates of fire and tube/magazine capacities. In many places’ restrictions are placed on the barrel lengths so the guns cannot be shortened and made concealable. Also, restrictions are placed on the types of ammunition that’s available and legal for use which can limit the guns range and lethality. In simple terms, shotguns are not the type of firearms you’re going to be overthrowing a government with and are not really in the same league when compared to assault rifles for combat applications.

Shotguns are relatively easy to use, durable and very affordable when compared to handguns which is a major factory when equipping a guard force. The various types of ammunition available for shotgun can greatly affect the weapons lethality, I will talk more about this later, but will say here that I have come across many guards carrying birdshot shells in their guns, which can be lethal at close quarters, but at any distance will just hurt and piss off the bad guy you’re shooting at. As with all firearms, if you’re using them, you must understand the gun, the ammunition, their limitations, and applications.

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