Self Defense & Knife Fighting Classes

Updated: May 17, 2019

Self Defense & Knife Fighting Classes South Florida, Mexico City, Serbia, Athens Greece, London UK

My knife fighting and self-defense classes are for people who want to be able to defend their selves without using a firearm. In my knife fighting and self-defense classes I teach simple but effective techniques that will end or give you the edge in a confrontation. What I teach is based on reality, not what someone with no real operational experience thinks would work in a hostile situation, there is a big difference!

My techniques are not the pretty martial arts of the Hollywood movies but no-nonsense, real world techniques that have been drawn from experiences while operating in some unsavory places. I will teach you the same techniques that I teach to close protection/security contractors. I teach both males and females and there is no need for a high level physical fitness. My self-defense classes are given in relaxed and ego free environments and my aim is to build confidence in my students, not to intimidate them.

U.S. Class Fees Private one-to-one class cost: $395.00 (5 to 6 hours) or $85 per hour, for individual tuition Contact me for group rates

Contact me for UK & European Prices Etc.

Contact me if you wish to host one of my classes, my instructors can travel!

Orlando Wilson - Risks Incorporated -

"Stay low and keep moving"

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