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Security for Churches, Mosque’s & Religious Organizations

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Security for Churches, Mosque’s & Religious Organizations We have consultants in US, United Kingdom, France, Greece & Serbia

Risks Inc. is an international company which regularly interacts with people from a wide cultural, racial and religious backgrounds on a regular basis. Of all the places where people should be safe it should be in their House of Worship. We have worked with religious organizations in West Africa, U.K. and the U.S. providing them with security and training services. We tailor our training and security services to the requirements of our clients and provide them no-nonsense, real world solutions that fit unobtrusively into their operational plan.

The 4 main areas we provides consultancy services for are:

  • Team organization and planning: We help religious organizations put together security and emergency response trams and provide them with the training required to be operationally effective.

  • Contingency planning: We provide consultants to help religious organizations compile threat assessment and identify potential threats to their organizations and then work out how to minimalism or respond to the potential threats.

  • Emergency response: We provide training in a wide variety of subjects ranging from CPR, conflict resolution, non-lethal self-defense, counter terrorism, bomb prevention and active shooter prevention.

  • Provision of Advisers: We provide security advisers to help plan, organize and accompany religious organizations on overseas missions or in potentially hostile environments.

Our services and training courses are provided in an informal and relaxed environment. We use a combination of lectures, role play and if required airsoft force-on-force training. Where legal and required we can provide live fire tactical firearms training for active shooter situations.

Contact us and let us know your requirements All inquiries are strictly confidential

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