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Using The Pistol Grip Shotgun

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Using The Pistol Grip Shotgun

As with everything there are positives and negatives to all weapons and everyone has their own opinions… These days a lot of people’s opinions seem to be 3rd hand or YouTube based which can be concerning… For me pistol grip shotguns are very effective and versatile weapons if used properly. Shotguns with stocks are easier to use and are more controllable with 3 Inch shells or hotter loads but lack the maneuverability of a pistol grip shotgun. I prefer the Remington 870 over Mossberg 500‘s as the Remington receiver is steel and the safety catch is better placed. For me the Remington 870 is the only shotgun you need, it’s a tried, tested and proven platform for both tactical and sporting guns.

The correct way to hold the weapon for distance shots.

The weapon is being pushed towards the target!

The effective range of a shotgun depends on the barrel length, what choke is in the barrel and what shells are being shot. When you get a shotgun you will need to see how the pellets from the shell pattern at different ranges. All shotguns shoot differently with different shells so, you need to see what the diameter of the pellets pattern is at different ranges. You can also then work out the effective range of the gun for individual hits or as an area weapon. An 18 inch barreled shotgun, with no choke, shooting #4 or #00 buckshot should reach out to about 20 to 25 yards/meters and get the majority if not all pellets on individual targets, if not further...

The issues a lot of people have with the pistol grip shotguns comes from them using shells that have too much recoil. I tend to only use 2-3/4 shells in pistol grip shotguns, 3 inch shells put out more pellets but can be uncontrollable and painful for many shooters. Most people should be able to manage 2-3/4 shells if they are gripping the weapon properly etc. and be able to have fast and accurate follow up shots.

Pistol grip shotguns need to be gripped tight and the wrist of the hand on the pistol grip kept locked and straight! The myth that you cannot miss with a shotgun is easy undone with pistol grip guns, I have seen many people miss targets completely from 2 to 20 yards/meters plus! If the gun is held properly it is just as accurate as a shotgun with a stock.

Tactically these guns come into their own in close confines or thick bush where you need knock down power. Some argue these guns do not hold enough rounds but realistically for home defense and policing actions they hold more than enough. Most bad guys are not going to get into fire fights and will scatter after the initial contact. Think about it, 6 shells of #4 buck will be putting out about 175 to 230 .25 pellets in a few seconds, if the gun is used properly that will shred most targets.

When shooting from the hip the wrist and forearm

of the hand on the pistol grip needs to be locked tight!

So, I am in favor of pistol grip shotguns and they are a preferred weapon of mine. Tactically they will solve your problems and as with all shotguns they give you a survival weapon that can shoot anything from squirrels to bears, with the right selection of ammo!!

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