Nigel Farage Hit By A Milkshake Attack... Security Fail!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Nigel Farage Hit By A Milkshake Attack... Security Fail!

The past few days have seen a couple of well publicized security fails for high profile individuals... In this video Nigel Farage comments his security failed.... So, what's the issue...

  • Are the bodyguards not properly trained? The guys in this video must have SIA licenses....

  • Are the bodyguards not experienced enough or properly briefed to identify the threats?

  • Are the bodyguards unsure on their limits of responsibility and how they can deal with non-violent threats legally?

  • Are the bodyguards just lacking the confidence to confront potential troublemakers?

  • Are the bodyguards self-conscious, nervous and out of their comfort zones because they are being filmed and photographed by the media?

It's sad to see companies and individuals who have worked and trained hard lose they reputations due to one f#ck up... Providing close protections in crowds is a nightmare, but, that’s the business, Farage is just lucky this was milkshake and not acid etc.....

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