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What's the best close quarter weapon: Knife or a Gun?

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

What's the best close quarter weapon: Knife or a Gun?

I am always being asked which is better for close quarters self-defense a gun or a knife. Both are deadly weapons if used properly but what is properly. At a close quarter’s range, which is conversational range, say about 10 to 15 feet, the main thing will be if the weapons are deployed. Whichever one is deployed first gives the user the advantage.

For the shooter at this distance, you can forget the textbook formal line up the front sight shooting techniques, they won't work and for the person with the knife forget the Dojo sparing techniques. A lot would have to do with strategies, which seem never to be covered in formal firearms or self-defense training, and then aggressive action.

Knives are excellent close quarter’s weapons and have a lot of advantages over guns, like being legal availability to some extent in most places for one. If traveling internationally 99% of the time you can't take firearms but should be able to pick up a pocketknife or the like at the end location. A tactical knife does not need to be a $200 Emerson, if you go to a Wal-Mart or market, you can get a kitchen paring knife that can slash and stab extremely well for about $5!

When dealing in Eastern Europe in the mid 90's I was surprised to hear from several law enforcement sources that the gypsy kids trained with knives, were skilled and were a not to be taken lightly. While working in West Africa we were running tactical drills including hostage rescue with machetes. The bush was thick, and it was very easy to stealthy get within a striking distance of a target. The proper use of knives relies on speed, surprise, and aggression. So, on the street for arguments sake, who would have the advantage, the person with the knife or the gun?

  • Whoever was not caught off guard to start with!

  • Formally trained shooter against martial artists: Even!

  • Street wise shooter against martial artists: The Gun!

  • Formally trained shooter against someone who can use a knife properly: The knife!

  • Street wise shooter against someone who can use a knife properly: Depends on their strategies, training, and luck

So, remember we offer a full range of self-defense and tactical training classes!

Orlando Wilson - Risks Incorporated -

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