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International Bodyguard & Security Services

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

International Bodyguard & Security Services

We tailor our protective services to our client’s needs and place a high emphasis on pre-planning and the avoidance of potentially embarrassing or dangerous situations. Our operatives are all professionals with wealth of real world experience that has been gained while operating commercially and within military, law enforcement and government agencies, they are predominantly of British, Commonwealth, Western and Eastern European backgrounds. We have many years’ experience of providing high-end security services from the capitals or Europe to the emerging markets.

Our diverse experience enables us to refine our operational techniques to provide the most practical and effective security programs available. Our range of protective services includes threat assessments for countries and the facilities within the countries, security surveys, residential and personal protection, freight escorts and couriers, conference, and event security. These services can be performed covertly or overtly; for example, we can use covert protection (protective surveillance) if the client does not wish others to know that he/she has an object under protection or to protect others without unduly alerting and alarming them to a possible threat. We can supply and recommend the use of armed personnel in countries where the law permits us to so.

  • Provision of security consultants & managers

  • Threat assessment & security surveys

  • Operational & crisis planning

  • Advance security services

  • Office & residential security

  • Special event security

  • Low-profile close protection

  • High-profile VIP protection

  • Protective & counter surveillance

  • Evacuation services

  • Provision of safe houses

  • Training of protection teams

Risks Inc, is a European owned and managed international company which is registered in the Seychelles. We have a large international network of operational personnel, instructors and companies. All services we provide are in strict compliance  with the laws of the jurisdiction in which we are working.

We have a network of contacts, security experts and instructors who have operated throughout Latin America, Europe, Africa and MENA including Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Nigeria who are available for consultancy, operational and training services. Our clients can be assured they will be receiving the best services available from experienced and  tested operators and instructors!

If you have any questions about our close protection/bodyguard or security services, then please click here to contact us.

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Close Protection: Luxury & Hostile Environments

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