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Executive Protection Fail - The Assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

Executive Protection Fail

The Assassination of Alexander Zakharchenko

31/8/18 - Donetsk

This video is a good example of a high-profile protection fail! You can see this team has the armored cars, the firearms, the plate carriers, pretty uniforms and looks like they have done some HEPCO / PSD training but… In reality such things and behavior mean nothing, it just Hollywood theatrics… If you don’t understand the game, if you don’t understand your opposition then, like these guys and girls, your just lambs waiting to be slaughtered… But… I am sure you know already know this… Right?

In this incident the client and one BG were killed and 12 others severely wounded… This is Europe and for those in denial that such thing can happen in Western Europe then you need to check up on how things are developing in such places as Sweden… If illegal immigrants can roam freely, cocaine, heroin and other illegal drugs can pour across the, at best, porous borders… Then be assured the serious criminals and terrorists can get their hand on military grade weapons and explosive if and as required…

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