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Cleaning Handguns - Videos

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Cleaning Handguns - Videos


Handguns used for tactical purposes must be cleaned regularly, even if they have not been fired. They must also be cleaned after every time they are fired. Your life could depend on your handgun, so you need to be sure it will work when you need it. Before you clean any firearm, you must make sure that it is unloaded. NEVER attempt to clean a loaded firearm. It is essential that the entire mechanism be kept clean and properly lubricated so that the handgun may operate easily and to prevent stoppages. With a semi-automatic pistol, it should be field stripped (taken apart) and thoroughly cleaned, paying particular attention to areas where there is a carbon buildup and any moving parts. The barrel should be cleaned and pulled through and after cleaning, lightly oil. Magazines should be treated the same way.

If you do not know how to strip and clean your handgun, seek professional advice. Most semi-auto handguns are not hard to strip when you know how. I tell people just to stick to the basic field strip and not to completely disassemble their weapons as they may have problems with reassembly, which may void any warranties.

Generally, with revolvers there is no need to disassemble them - just scrub off the carbon, pull the chambers and barrel through, and oil the working parts. The only thing I would recommend for you to remove and clean would be the grip. Sweat and moisture can get under the grip and rust, something you always want to check if buying a secondhand revolver. When putting the grip back on, put a seal of oil around its edge to help prevent moisture getting under it.

Remember to always check thoroughly guns that have been stored for extended periods of time as any lubricants used on them can solidify and jam them up, so it’s best to dry clean guns that are going to be stored or not checked regularly and keep in a dry location or a zip lock bag.

The below videos contain the basic information required for handguns cleaning!

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