Book: Travel Security - Personal Travel & Vehicle Security

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security on Amazon!

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Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security is a no-nonsense security guide for the international or domestic traveler. The book high-lights essential security issues and gives the reader simple, proven and effective solutions. This book is applicable to those who travel for business or recreation, weather you’re an entrepreneur or corporate attorney traveling to an emerging market, or a family taking your yearly vacation this book with help you to identify and avoid potential security and safety issues. Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security covers:

  • International Travel Security

  • Adventure Travel & Deployment Kit List

  • How Criminals Operate

  • Advance Security

  • Personal Security in Hotels

  • Attending Events

  • Dealing with fake police

  • Driving in Hostile Areas

  • Make your car harder to steal

  • Route Selection, Ambushes & VCP’s

  • Vehicle security considerations

The Author "Orlando Wilson" has over 29 years’ experience within the international security and investigations industry and regular organized projects in some very challenging locations. He is accustomed to dealing with five star ventures and third world issues, quite often in the same day! Working with Risks Incorporated & Artful Investigations Ltd he provides a full range of security, investigation, close protection and hostile environment training and services. He has an international network of operational professionals in Europe, Caribbean, Latin America, Middle East and Africa. Also have training locations in the US... He is also a published author and has been interviewed and written articles for numerous media outlets ranging from the New York Times to Soldier of Fortune Magazine on topics ranging from kidnapping, organized crime, surveillance to maritime piracy.

Travel Security: Personal Travel & Vehicle Security on Amazon!

Kindle Version: $2.99 @

Paper Back: $4.99 @


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