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Adventure Travel and Deployment Kit List

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Adventure Travel and Deployment Kit List

I am always being asked advice about what equipment should be taken on trips to out the way places. My initial response is take as little as possible, more you know, the less you need right! With the below items you should be able to operate for extended periods of time. The below items should fit into a medium size day sack that should be able to carried onto a plane. Items like pocket knives etc. would need to go checked or found at location. This is a guide and not all these items will be required on all trips, do you threat assessments and plan all trips properly before you travel.

Operational Deployment Equipment List

Personal kit

  • $500.00 USD minimum in cash, small bills, to be split up, water proofed and concealed in various locations on your person. Same for credit and bank cards.

  • Communications, will cell phones work, can you get local phones/chips. Remember chargers!

  • Day sack and fanny pack/belt pouch

  • Watch

  • Pocket knife & multi-tool (unable to take as carry-on luggage)

  • Personal first aid kit: tampons, gauze, duct tape, bobby/safety pins and an anti-septic cream.

  • Water bottles + purification tabs (water can be boiled in alloy bottles!)

  • Bug juice + sun block

  • Maps (water proofed) and compass

  • At least one Flashlight + spare batteries

  • Lighter

  • Personal water filter

  • Bogota lock picks, lock shims & diamond/needle files

  • Para cord

  • Duct tape

  • Wash kit: tooth brush + paste, soap, razor

  • Sewing kit

  • Smoke signals + flares (unable to take as carry-on luggage)

  • Blanket (poncho liner)

  • Poncho (for shelter and use as a rain coat)

  • Note book and pens and post-it notes

  • Laptop computer etc.

  • Camera/Video

  • Emergency power, batteries or solar etc.

  • Spare charging cables for phones etc.

  • International plug / power socket adapters

  • Extension cable with multiple power sockets

  • 2 X extra pants (quick drying) and long sleeve t-shirts (under-armor type, Wal-Mart brand works, consider colors, do you want to be seen or not!)

  • At least 2 X pairs of extra socks

  • Boots (broken-in), flip-flops

  • Gloves and Balaclava (if tactical)

  • Weapons if legal and required

  • Local laws on use of force

Additional Considerations

  • Sources of food and water

  • Accommodation and electricity

  • Laundry service

  • Where can you change currency

  • Additional operational equipment

Emergency Vehicle Kit

  • Gas containers

  • Tube to siphon gas

  • Fix-a-Flat X 2 and/or tire plugs

  • Tire plug kit

  • Portable air compressor (Tire inflator)

  • Jump leads

  • Tow rope

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