Warning – Honey Traps!

Updated: May 28, 2019

Warning – Honey Traps!!! Honey Traps are a spy and criminal tactic that has been around for as long as humans have, but still people, usually men, end up getting entrapped, extorted, kidnapped or murdered. The trap is simple, usually a woman provides or promises a man sexual favors to blackmail him or to lure him to a location to be killed or kidnapped etc…

The threat is that prevalent that in May 2018 the British Security Service MI5 distributed the “The Smart Traveller” booklet to help protect UK businessmen from honey traps, substance misuse and other entrapment tactics while doing business abroad.

Recent Examples of Honey Traps

  1. November 2018: Rajeshwar Udani, a 57 year old diamond trader from Mumbai was kidnapped and murdered after he was lured into a car by a 20 year old young lady who he had been chatting with online.

  2. October 2018: Nishant Agarwal an engineer with India’s BrahMos Aerospace was arrested for passing on sensitive information to suspected Pakistani ISI agents after being honey-trapped online.

  3. May 2018: Two former French Intelligence Agents Henri M., 71, and Pierre-Marie H., 66, were arrested for passing “information detrimental to fundamental national interests” to a foreign power in what was classed as a “Chinese Honey Trap”.

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