Valentine’s Day Security Awareness

Valentine’s Day Security Awareness

Be very careful out there people, it's a very dangerous time of the year... Hope the following consideration help to keep you safe! 😉😉😉

1. Ensure you have compiled a full threat assessment on your date.

2. Ensure you have run a credible background check on your date.

3. Ensure you know the layouts of the locations you will be visiting.

4. Ensure you know the escape routes at the locations you will be visiting.

5. Keep all valuables such as wallets and car keys secure and within arm’s reach.

6. Consider keeping essential items in bug-out-bag or fanny pack in case you need to run.

7. Keep all essential items of cloths centrally located and within arm’s reach.

8. Consider wearing cargo pants as the buttoned pockets will prevent wallet and keys from falling out if you have to run while carrying them.

9. Ensure your car is parked in a location where it cannot be blocked in and with multiple escape routes.

For more on Urban Escape & Evasion read my article in the current issue of The Counter Terrorist Magazine @

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