The Collectors: Death is Easy, Life is Hard

Updated: May 28, 2019

New Book on Amazon! The Collectors: Death is Easy, Life is Hard – Fiction

Kindle Version: $3.99 @ Paper Back: $7.99 @

From the frigid winter of North Western Europe to the tropical heat of the Caribbean and Miami our story will take you into the world of crypto currency theft and underworld debt collection. This is a technically accurate, dark, violent and humorous story that will take you into the world of today’s criminal elite.

After a raid on a shady crypto currency operation in Riga, Latvia that left one man frozen to death, others “disappeared” and $18 million missing, investigators find a trail that leads to a computer server in Tel Aviv and two gay realtors in Miami.

Of course the victims of the robbery want their ill-gotten funds returned and scores settled so, the debt collectors are dispatched. To facilitate the return of the clients funds the Collectors immerse themselves into the seedy world of sex tourism of the Dominican Republic and the Miami social scene.

In a world where no-one is trusted or innocent our characters will open your eyes to a parallel world that you have most probably seen and to some extent experience without know it touched you!

Kindle Version: $3.99 @ Paper Back: $7.99 @

Orlando W.

Counter Terrorism Books

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