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Terrorists from Uzbekistan have woken up, and here's why!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

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AMERICAN SPECIALIST EXCLUSIVELY FOR KURIR: Terrorists from Uzbekistan have woken up, and here's why!

Uzbekistan, a country confronted between Russia "threatening gigantism" and Iran with its fundamentalism, near Chechnya and restless Afghanistan, is not immune to religious extremism and its connection with the so-called " Islamic state. Since gaining independence in 1991, the breakup of the USSR, Uzbekistan has reason to care.

The escalation of the Islamic movement in this predominantly Muslim country in Central Asia is noticeable since the US invasion of Afghanistan, though Tashkent allowed the US to build bases in Uzbekistan, according to Orlando Wilson, an anti-terrorist consultant living in Florida.

"Although the presence of Radical Uzbeks on the global level is clear, Uzbekistan is not on the Tramp list of countries that are undesirable immigrants on the ground in America," Wilson said, reminding that Uzbeks had undertaken several terrorist attacks just this year and last year, or threats, on the soil of Europe. The last was an attack in Stockholm.

For years this country has been isolated in search of allies in the fight against terrorist threats and radicalization of Islam. On the eve of the latest attack in New York, Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulazis Kamilov and Iranian counterpart Mohammed Javad Zarif discussed in Tehran ways to increase cooperation between the two countries in the fight against extremism and terrorism, analyzing regional movements, especially in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

With Russia, this type of cooperation on a long stick, because the official Moscow does not approve the connection between Uzbekistan and the United States. The United States served as the air base in Uzbekistan from 2001-2005 and continued to use this country as a strategic location to bring goods and military aid to Afghanistan after the official closure of the base. At the same time, former Secretary of State John

Kerry visited 2015 country.

"On October 7, 2001, the Uzbek government allowed American troops and airplanes to use the air space and base of Carashi-Hanabad. One week earlier, US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld visited Uzbekistan and met with then-president, dictator Islam Karimov. Taliban officials have warned the Uzbek government that they will be attacked if they help the invasion of the Americans, but soon 10,000 of them were under bombs. "

Uzbekistan has thus become "a country with which the United States has been working for many years to make assist in securing the border and in the fight against internal terrorism, that is, terrorism and threats coming from Afghanistan. "

"The new Uzbeks terrorist attacks can not be ruled out either in the world or alone Uzbekistan. As for the New York striker Saigul Saipov, he is obviously radicalized in the United States. For some time now, America has not been friendly to Muslims living in the United States, and Trump has further exacerbated the situation. Most Americans do not understand what is happening in the Islamic world, the Middle East and Central Asia, so they are suspicious of everyone coming from these areas. They actively discriminate, which is a fertile soil for their radicalization, "Wilson estimates, concluding that in the US" politics and bureaucracy are always above the safety of citizens. "

Otherwise, two years ago in Uzbekistan, 200 sympathizers of the Islamic state and returnees from the battlefield, who were originally radicalized through links with Al Qaeda, were arrested. They were primarily targeting attacks on US soldiers and coalition troops in Afghanistan and Pakistan, while today they are on a larger scale in Syria's battlefields. It is assumed that there are about 500 in Uzbekistan itself. "Several terrorist groups focus specifically on Uzbekistan: the Islamic Jihad Union, or, to a great extent weakened, the Islamic movement of Uzbekistan. This is why the country's growing commitment to NATO is notable. "

With the dissolution of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU) two years ago and its merger with the so- The Islamic state has announced the establishment of the province of Khhorasan. Therefore, Uzbekistan is increasing its defense along the border with Afghanistan, alleviating the risk of possible incursions by forced laborers.

"Most of the terrorist groups, like members of the Islamic State, do not lead directly to Uzbeks. They are primarily recruited as soldiers. And the so-called. Uzbek terrorists do not necessarily have to come or fight for Uzbekistan. They can also be from Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistan, states that have an increasingly important national Uzbek population, and who have also targeted terrorist attacks, "says Wilson.

Many alerts, Wilson recalls, are working in Russia today as migrant workers, where they have been attracted by international terrorist organizations and kept online.


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