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Tactical Pistol Training – The Necessity of One-Handed Techniques.

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Tactical Pistol Training – The Necessity of One-Handed Techniques.

It amazes how many people attend supposed tactical firearms training classes and come away having never been shown or understand the importance of shooting one handed.

Yes, shooting a pistol with a two-handed grip is for most people more accurate and is better for competition shooting or passing range qualifications. But, in the real-world when your reactions need to be quick and you need to respond to attacks in all environments you may not have the space or time to get into your range perfect position.

Think about it, how many times a-day are your hands busy or you’re in situations where you could not get into a range perfect stance or shooting position? Let’s start from the morning, walking to your car carrying a brief case or equipment for work, driving, sat at your desk, eating lunch, driving home, sat in a restaurant, using the toilet etc.

The same applies if your protecting a client, the close protection book rule of always keep your hands free might make sense in a classroom but in reality, is a guideline to think about. And the “Bodyguard Stance” of two hands cupping each other at the waist or solar plexus is nothing more than a clear give away they you have done a Micky Mouse EP course… Your body language is just telling people you’re a security goon and also giving the bad guys access to your hands which they can cut or control while they steal your firearm…

If you're providing protection to clients, you also have to consider that if there is a hostile situation you will be clearing the client out of any lines of fire and guiding them to cover which, will take at least one hand unless your kicking them in the ass…

You also need to be able to access and use your handgun with both hands, say, for example; you fall and break your wrist or fingers of your gun hand or your dominate hand gets slashed by a blade a in a hostile situation, what are you going to do then, give up and die or use your weak hand? It surprises me the numbers of experienced shooters who never practice shooting one handed or weak handed and have never even thought about drawing from a holster weak handed. These are basic skills if you are serious about carrying a handgun for defensive or close protection purposes.

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