Life Or Death: The Tactical Handgun Training Manual

Updated: May 17, 2019

Life or Death Your Safety, Your Decision, Your Responsibility Orlando Wilson

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This handgun book is a no-nonsense guide to the application of pistols for self-defense and tactical operations.

Life or Death is a no-nonsense guide to the application of pistols for self-defense and tactical operations. The contents of this book are applicable for novices and experienced shooters. Novice shooters will gain a solid foundation for defensive shooting, and experienced shooters will learn unconventional strategies that will give them the advantage in hostile situations. You will find simple, proven, and effective training techniques which dispel many myths concerning the tactical use of pistols.

ORLANDO WILSON has over twenty-five years' experience within the international security industry. His experience in risk management business began in 1988 at the age of 17 when he enlisted in the British army and volunteered for a 22-month front-line, operational tour in Northern Ireland in an infantry unit. This tour of duty gave him an excellent grounding in personal security and anti-terrorist operations. He then joined his unit’s Reconnaissance Platoon with which he undertook intensive training in small-unit warfare. Since leaving the British army in 1993, he has worked and coordinated projects in the U.K., South & West Africa, Western and Eastern Europe, U.S., Latin America, Middle East and the Caribbean. His experience has included providing close protection for Middle Eastern Royal families and varied corporate clients, asset protection, embassy security, crisis management, corporate intelligence, asset recovery, tactical, paramilitary training for private individuals, specialist tactical police units, and government agencies. He has become accustomed to working with minimal support and the types of complications that can occur when dealing with international law enforcement agencies and the problems of organized crime.

Orlando - Risks Inc. -

"Stay low and keep moving"

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