Stalker Management Services

Updated: May 17, 2019

Stalker Management Services

The issues with domestic stalking can range from embarrassment and extreme stress to deadly violence. We have a range of services to help those afflicted by domestic stalker problems to assist them in managing the problem. We have a network of personnel that can provide assistance and support during an active stalker problem.

Our stalker management services include:

  • Threat Assessments: We can provide customized and continually updated threat assessment to assist you on managing you stalker problem and your personal security levels.

  • Personal Security Consultations: Our security consultants can provide you with tailored security procedures that will give you the protection and confidence needed to continue with your normal daily life as you are managing your domestic stalker issue.

  • Stalker Management Consultants: We provide stalker management consultants that can assist you in managing your stalker problem, assisting in building a legal case, provide companionship and security services. Our consultants are available to travel to your location.

  • Personal Security Training: We provide personal security training that covers the fundamentals or counter surveillance, making yourself a hard target and home security.

  • Self-Defense Training: We provide armed and unarmed self-defense training that can be tailored to the use of force laws that are in place at your location.

  • Stalker Management Seminars: Our stalker management seminars will give you the basic knowledge required to manage a domestic stalker problem.

If you have any questions about our stalker management services, please feel free to contact us. All enquires are kept strictly confidential.

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