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Precision Rifle & Sniper Training for Hostile Environment Close Protection

Precision Rifle & Sniper Training for Hostile Environment Close Protection

The sniper and sniping are topics that have been romanticized and surrounded with many myths and misconceptions. In this short article I am going to talk about precision rifle and sniper training for close protection operations.

Now to start with let us kill a major myth, the facts are that commercially employed snipers are non-existent… You are not going to do a sniper course and then be hired as a sniper in a war zone. If companies are advertising such jobs, then they are talking bullsh#t. In days gone by in Iraq and Afghanistan I understand some security companies employed defensive marksmen but these days the jobs are non-existent. If such jobs do exist, they will go to those with many years military and law enforcement sniper training and experience, not someone who has just done a SIA CP course and dressed up and played security contractor on a virtually non-fail firearms course for a week or so…

The only people who can legally use snipers are militaries, law enforcement and government agencies. Private security guards and contractors can only work on defensive operations and in most locations can only work armed when with a client or on a client’s property. Anyone with experience of responsibly managing armed security contracts will tell you that to start with the insurance liabilities for a commercial sniper in would be out of this world. As would the criminal and civil liability if they shot someone by mistake, or these days even shot a bad guy intentionally. So, if someone on Face Book is telling you contractor sniper stories or offering you contracts, I would say they are delusional and you’re not going to be sat on the roof of an office block somewhere with a .50 Barret earning $1000 a-day.

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