Security Considerations for Realtors

Updated: Feb 16

Security Considerations for Realtors

This article is take from my book "Home & Office Security"

Any type of meeting can be extremely dangerous and should always be treated with caution, this is where people will know where you will be at specific time, just what the bad guys want to know. Arranging meetings is an easy way to set someone up for kidnapping, assassination, sexual assault or robbery.

I spoke with Jerry Arrechea a corporate security manager and world champion martial artist based in Mexico City. Mexico has one of the highest crime rates in the world and is second only to Syria for its murder and violent death rates, so I wanted to know what Jerry recommends to his clients for keeping themselves safe.

In Mexico we must deal with a wide array of security problems ranging from drug cartel violence to general street crime and there is no magic solution. The criminals here are professional, they plan and organize their crimes from the initial surveillance of their targets to how to escape after the crimes have been committed. It’s important for us to be able to identify the criminals in the surveillance and planning stage of their operations and take counter measures. The last thing we want is a confrontation as the criminals are usually very well armed and not afraid to shoot, we would sooner lose goods or money than put our clients in hostile situations.

One situation where we are always extra carful is when we are attending meetings in unfamiliar areas especially with people we don't know 100% as these meetings could be set ups for robberies or kidnappings. Before the meeting we do a thorough due diligence check on those we are meeting with, on the day of the meeting we sweep the area looking for anyone or vehicles that look suspicion and usually employ protective surveillance personnel while the meeting is taking place to alert us of any suspicious activity that may take place in the area. I advise all my, especially females to be cautious when attending meetings where they will be isolated even if they are meeting with people they know to some degree. I have a female self-defense client who is a luxury real estate agent and has had several issues with clients over the years who have tried to sexually assault her while she is showing properties. These days she always has a male driver take her to appointments, has worked out a plan of action if she is attacked and always has something close at hand she can use as a weapon. The last wannabe playboy, someone who she had met before, that tried to touch her inappropriately ended up with two broken fingers and a broken nose, all her driver had to do when he came to her assistance was throw the now whimpering playboy off the property....

This lady’s driver is a well-trained and dedicated guy, but it still took him time after being alerted to get to her location. She feels it can be intimidating for her clients if she had a bodyguard shadowing her, so her driver usually waits in the car. This why she had worked out her immediate reaction drill as she knew it would take 15 to 45 seconds for her driver to get to her assistance. Everyone should think about how they would react to an assault and put a plan in place. Even if you are in an area where the police will come quickly to your assistance, you must know how to alert them you're in danger and then protect yourself until they are able to get to you. As I said earlier, there is no magic fix, you must be aware of your environment and have plans in place for how to avoid potentially hostile situations and in the worst-case scenarios how to use force to defend yourself!

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