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Qualities for Today’s Corporate World!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Qualities for Today’s Corporate World!

I have worked for myself since 1993 and had companies in U.K. and U.S. and business ventures in many other places. I am lucky that I have never really had to be part of the corporate world and have no desire to be part of it. Yes, the big corporations make millions of dollars but at what cost to their employees and the integrity of society in general. I see and read about these corporate giants and those trying to copy them and to be honest find it very sad. Perfect people giving you the perfect products for your perfect world, what horse shit!

So, here’s my four qualities you need to be amazing in today’s corporate environment!

  • Be a Bullshiter: You have to be able to sell a crappy products and tell people it’s the most amazing thing you have come across. If you don’t bullshit how will you get people to part with their money? You have to be able tell you potential clients how wonderful they are when you really hate the sight of them. Fake it till you make it!

  • Be an Ass Kisser: If you don’t kiss ass how will you get on, how will you get the promotion you want. If you tell your clients, colleges or boss what you really think of them you will get fired… So, tell them what they want to hear. Boost their egos like no-one else!

  • Don’t be Honest: Don’t ever be honest and tell people what you’re really thinking. You can’t tell you clients your clients they are buying crap and you luring them into an agreement that will cost them more money than they think!! Never give your honest opinion, remember tell people what they want to hear. Telling the truth with get you classed as having an attitude problem and could lead to counseling!!

  • Never Take Responsibility for your Actions: It’s never your or your corporations fault, always pass the buck and blame someone else. If there is no one to blame don’t acknowledge the problem. If mistakes are made it’s up to the law suits to prove it was your fault.

It’s sad that the corporate system is motivated by sheer greed and not what I would class as good values such as honesty and responsibly; dirty words in today’s world in general. The attitude of most is that if they take your money on some bullshit deal, they are the good businessman and you’re a bad businessman for being scammed. If you have a problem then get an attorney and sue!

Glad I am not part of that world, I understand the employees are just doing what they have to do to keep their jobs, get their promotions and secure their pensions but, what about self-respect? Well these days that means driving a new car and wearing designer labels right!!

Orlando Wilson – Risks Incorporated –


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