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Online Security Management Training Courses

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Risks Incorporated Online Security Management Training Courses

Due to the fact we are regularly asked by potential clients for online security courses we are now offering a selection of online courses for those who are concerned about their personal or travel security, close protection and security management professionals.

We understand than many people cannot travel to our courses so we are offering three affordable online security courses that cover exactly the same materials, assignments with instructor supervision that we offer at our training locations

Students assignments are individually assessed and students who reach the required standard are issues Risks Incorporated Certification for the specific course.

The courses we are offering are:

  • Active Shooter & Terrorist Attack Response: Sadly, we must face the fact that active shooter incidents and terrorist attacks are something that we are going to be living with for some time to come and it is necessary that everyone knows what to do if they are involved in a hostile situation. Our online active shooter and terrorist attack response course will give you the critical information needed to put together workable crisis plans and procedures for your family, business or organization. Cost: $99.00 USD

  • Threat Assessments (TA): TA’s are the most important of all the procedures carried out in security operations. But you will find that even the most basic TA’s are regularly overlooked in the majority of security and business operations. The reason for compiling a TA is to identify anything that might threaten your client, your team and the overall operation. In this module we will cover how to compile TA’s for individual clients and corporate operations. Cost: $99.00 USD

  • Building & Compound Security: Residential, Office and Compound Security is a task that is usually taken lightly. A lot of people seem to believe that just putting up a few cameras of having security personnel in on the grounds to meet and greet visitors is all there is they need, WRONG! In this module we will cover what needs to be considered and how to properly plan the security for international residence and business locations in both urban and rural areas. Cost: $99.00 USD

  • International Travel Security: This module covers how to plan international trips be they for your pleasure or if you’re planning them for a client who is visiting a high-risk location. There are a multitude of things that need to be considered and can go wrong when traveling international, this is where thorough planning is a must. With this module will enable you to be able to identify and avoid potential hazards before they take place! Cost: $99.00 USD

  • Hostile Environment Operations: In this course we cover how to effectively plan projects that will take place in potentially hostile environments and how to identify the issues you could encounter and prepare relevant countermeasures. Effective planning and preparation are essential in all operations in today's hostile environments and emerging markets, this course will enable you to identify potential threats, avoid potential problems and manage crisis situations. Students taking this course must have completed at least one of our other courses. This course includes a verbal/video question and answer segment that requires a good internet connection. Cost: $99.00 USD

  • Kidnap & Ransom Prevention: In this module we will explore the real world of kidnapping for ransom and how the commercial security manager or operator can effectively counter the threat and if necessary, deal with crisis situations. There many myths about commercial kidnap and ransom operations and after completing this course the students will understand the difference between the Hollywood fantasy image of the business and the actual reality. Students taking this course must have completed at least one of our other courses. This course includes a verbal/video question and answer segment that requires a good internet connection. $99.00 USD

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