Online Active Shooter and Terrorist Attack Response Course

Updated: Feb 16

Online Active Shooter and Terrorist Attack Response Course

Sadly, we must face the fact that active shooter incidents and terrorist attacks are something that we are going to be living with for some time to come and it is necessary that everyone knows what to do if they are involved in a hostile situation.

Our online active shooter and terrorist attack response course will give you the critical information needed to put together workable crisis plans and procedures for your family, business or organization.

The course is applicable to concerned citizens, security professionals, first responders and allocated company security managers.

Subjects covered include:

  • Terrorist modus operandi

  • The threat from IED’s

  • Types of IED

  • IED awareness

  • Dealing with an IED incidents

  • Active shooter incidents

  • Personal procedures and tactics

  • And more….

Cost: $75.00 USD

Duration: Self-Paced

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