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Manage the Managers

I started providing the manager's services for a client who was a general manager for a boutique hotel and was tired of having issues with the security companies that were providing his very nice hotel with a very poor standard of security guard services. Being the general manager for a 5-star boutique hotel meant that whenever there was a problem, the hotel’s owner was blaming him for the security companies’ incompetence, even though he was doing his utmost to try to deal with the problems arising at hotel.

This gentleman underwent some security management seminars with me and completed a supervised security assessment of his hotel, after which I would say he was a lot more aware of hotel security protocols than the security guard companies that had been doing nothing more than supply warm bodies, even though they were being paid over the going rate for their services. The client would have been more than happy to pay for quality services, but he never received them. After his training, this gentleman recruited his own in-house security personnel for which I provided the training.

With his inside knowledge of what was required to provide adequate security for a 5-star hotel the general manager no longer needed to rely on supposed security experts. Also, his newly acquired knowledge of how security companies operate and how they are usually managed, would enable him in the future to detect their false claims and quickly identify their mismanagement, if he ever needed to use contract security guard services again.

Over the years, after this initial client, I have trained numerous business owners and managers in security management protocols so they would no longer have to rely on unreliable security guard companies, and if they did they could ensure that those they were hiring were providing the required standard of services.

With the assistance of the experts within my network we have provided oversight of project managers in the construction, maritime, and transportations industries where business owners were not happy with the performances of the managers and contracting companies they had hired.

For the “Manage the Manager” services I can supply industry experts to provide the required insights, training, and support services for business owners and their trusted personnel. Or I can supply assessing experts to identify any short fallings of the in-place managers or contracting companies.

If you have any questions about the “Manage the Manager” services, then please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your requirements.

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