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Updated: Feb 16

Many Thanks to Brnka Mitrovic for the interview with our friend and Gorran Party member Muhammed Allaf for the Serbian newspaper www.kurir.rs

Here is a translation of the interview for the non-Serbian speakers!

Q. What is the situation after the referendum?

A. The situation after the referendum is not clear and not stable in terms of market prices have risen, borders and airports closed and the people feel tension and fear.

Q. Did the referendum in Kurdistan open a Pandora's box... Following Kurdistan,Kurdi is Catalonia in Spain?

A. The referendum of Kurdistan is not like any other country because the Kurdistan region is living in an economic crisis under a corrupt government and authority in all aspects.

Q. Is Kurdistan referendum “historic mistake”?

A. It can be a historical mistake because it has no national consensus and legally is not legitimate and a Kurdish people is not ready to take this risk and we expect Kurdistan to be under serious threats.

Q. Opponents of the referendum are many and varied?

A. Yes there is aggression and opponents of the Kurdish people. We as the movement change (Gorran Party), we live and work with all our conviction and we strive to have an independent Kurdish state, but we regret that the timing is not appropriate. The voting process and the voting rate is more than 92% ؜

Q. The Iraqi parliament, opposition parties within the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region, Western leaders, and Iraq's neighboring countries have come out against the vote. Some want the referendum canceled; others want it postponed.?

A. Certainly Iraq and neighboring countries were against the process with suspicion Because they took our rights 100 years ago and divided the Kurdish homeland into four sections, but a Kurdish people has the right to independence and despite all opponents one day it will be an independent Kurdish state.

Q. Turkey, Iran and Syria oppose the ballot, apparently worried a "yes" vote will fuel established Kurdish independence movements at home?

A. Iran opposes Turkey and Syria as natural and expected because after the Sykes Picot Agreement Turkey, Iran occupied Kurdistan and now they are afraid of Kurdish parts under their authority to claim their right and they are originally against the Kurdish people and the rights of the Kurdish people.

Q. Many Western countries were also lobbying for postponement. They see the referendum as potentially damaging to the fight with Islamic State militants, who still hold portions of Iraq?

A. The political leaders should have listened to the international community's advice because they are our friends and they helped Kurdish people in difficult and frightening situations.

Q. The Gorran party, like many Western countries, wants to postpone the ballot? the

A. The Party of Change was in agreement with the alternative referendum, which was presented by the United States, Britain, France and the United Nations was a good opportunity to solve the problems between Baghdad and Erbil and save us from the current crisis, which we live in because of the Party of the Kurdistan Democratic and especially because of Massoud Barazani!

Q. Kurdish President Masoud Barzani was defiant against calls for postponement?

A. I think that this challenge of Barazani was stupid step politically because now Kurdistan in various legal and economic crisis and even the threat of war against the Kurdish people. Also, invocation of the power of defying the strongest states in the world.

Q. Possibly incite violence within Iraq?

A. We do not expect to be a situation that leads to this limit and We hope that all problems will be resolved through dialogue ...

Q. You can also write what the death of Mr. Jalala means for the Kurds?

A. President Jalal Talabni, he was a very famous and clever and strong leader was friend more than 45 years for Mr. Nawshirwan Mustafa, founder of change movement, who before 4 month ago died. When they made P.U.K political party Jalal Talabani was a first one and Mr. Nawshirwan was a vice. We have along history with Jalal Talabani because most of us we where in P.U.K. party and we believe after Jalal Talabani got sick more than 3 years ago the situation in Iraq and specialty in Kurdistan is bad because he was a man of solution. We are afraid now after President Jalal Talabani the P.U.K party can not take over and we are really upset we lost a great leader, very good friend and very lovely uncle.

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