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Human & Sex Trafficking – The Truth

Human & Sex Trafficking – The Truth

Human trafficking is a very complexed issue, also a booming trade for criminal groups and corrupt government officials. To start with you cannot put everyone who is being trafficked in to the category of a victim.

When we talk about human trafficking most people think of young blond haired, blue eyed girl who has being kidnapped and trafficked for sexual slavery, well there is that side of the human trafficking industry but it’s not quite what Hollywood portrays.

Economic Migration

The vast majority of those being trafficked and smuggled into the United States and Europe are paying criminal groups and corrupt official to assist them in their journeys, these people are not victims, they are illegal immigrants, there is a very big difference. The masses of fit military and work age men fleeing the supposed conflicts or economic issues in Africa, Latin America or the Middle East are seeking to make money and have easier lives, they are not victims.

What many people forget is that these migrants are committing crimes to start with by crossing borders illegally, many of whom have bought false or stolen identification papers before crossing. If I knowingly or unknowingly entered a country illegally I would be arrested and detained, if I enter a country illegally why would I expect that country to provide me with food, housing, money and other social benefits, it’s not my country, why should they provide me with anything?

I traveled to countries where many of these migrants are coming from and the people that I know in those countries are happy to stay there. Why? Well, to start with their families are there, they’ve worked hard and tend to have good businesses, nice houses and good standards of living that they know they could never afford in Western Europe or the United States.  There are a lot of opportunities in the country’s the masses of migrants streaming into Europe and the U.S.  are coming from, but to exploit those opportunities takes hard work.

On the issue of those seeking asylum, as a far as I know the international rules for asylum and claiming refugee status states you must claim asylum in the first safe country you come too.  So, how many safe countries are asylum seekers passing through to get to the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden etc.?

Mexico recently offered asylum to members of the caravans that are heading towards United States but very few people took them up on the offers of housing, food, and schooling for their children.  You would think if these people were desperate they would be grateful to settle in Mexico, but no, they want to live in America.  Their motivation for leaving their own countries is not because they wish to claim asylum in a safer country but economic, they believe they’ll be able to make more money and receive more social welfare in the United States.

The same can be seen in Europe, illegal migrants aim to get into the United Kingdom, Germany or the Scandinavian countries because they know they will receive excellent social benefits, in many cases benefits which are far greater than the citizens of those countries receive themselves.

The true victims of these economic migrations are usually the women and children who end up being raped and exploited in numerous ways by criminal groups or other refugees. With law enforcement and social services stretched to the extreme in many parts of the US and Europe the constant flow of illegal immigrants makes the job of identifying the true victims of human trafficking extremely difficult.

One of the biggest problems for authorities is knowing who these migrants really are, at this point authorities can only guess at the number of supposed refugees in Europe. What is worrying is the fact that mixed in with all the supposed asylum seekers are Islamic extremist terrorists fleeing the wars in the Middle East and harden criminals that are now embedded in Europe.

No one knows how many migrants have died or been raped or murdered while trying to enter Europe or the United States.  No one knows how many children of the migrants have disappeared, been raped, abused or been sold into sexual slavery, the only time authorities tend to find out is when a dead body turns up.  And if the murderer or rapist was another illegal migrant it makes it extremely difficult for law enforcement to try to track down someone who they have no record of ever setting foot their country.

Sex Trafficking

I am asked regularly about the problem of kidnapping for sex trafficking, usually by parents who have a daughter going on holiday overseas.  Unlike the Hollywood movies I cannot recall any incidents of where a tourist has been kidnapped and sold into sex slavery. Incidents of female and male tourist’s being drugged, raped and killed, sure, that happens; this crime is about sex and control, sex trafficking is about making money.

I know of many cases where  prostitutes were trafficked voluntarily to other countries to work in the sex industry because they could make more money than in their own countries, when they were caught by the police for illegal acts of prostitution, that’s when they started to cry victim.  In most 1st world countries if a woman reports she has been a victim of sex trafficking and organize crime she will she will receive immediate government assistance, social benefits and possibly open the door way, like in the United States, to her gaining legal permanent residency within that country. Or they just might be lucky enough to find some wealthy guy who is gullible enough to fall in love and marry them.

The human trafficking gangs that recruit girls for the sex industry tend to target those from poor and developing countries, where the police and government response if one of their citizens disappears will be minimal, if any. The traffickers usually lure the girls from their native countries with adverts for decent jobs in Western Europe or the Middle East. When the girls arrive at meeting points where they believe they’ll be taken to their destination they are kidnapped. The kidnappers take the girls passports, travel papers and traffic them to illegal brothels where they are usually drugged and forced to work as prostitutes.

If the families of these girls report them missing to their countries law enforcement there is not much they can do, the girls left home at their own free will, they are young and maybe they don’t want to call their families, there is no evidence to launch an investigation. This scenario is a lot different than a tourist being snatched off the street to be used in the sex trade. Professional criminals are not stupid and do not want unnecessary attention from law enforcement, it’s bad for business. So why take the risk to kidnap a tourist when you can promise a girl a job and she’ll turn up at your door!!

I understand there are cases where women and girls are forced into prostitution but these days in Europe and the United States if one of these supposed victims reported to the police or border agents that they were being trafficked they would receive immediate help.  I’ve seen cases where women have been trafficked from Central Asia into the Middle East on false passports passing through several border control points and not once did they mention to the authorities they were being kidnapped or trafficked, but when there are caught committing illegal acts then they start crying victim.

Child Sex Trafficking

The trafficking of children for sexual purposes is a major issue and what has complicated this issue these days is the masses of children that have been taken or sent by their families to claim refugee status in the United States and Europe.  Only after DNA testing can the authorities determined whether the children traveling with the adults claiming asylum are actually their children.

There’s no way for the police or border authorities to know that the man and a woman that claim to be married and claim the three of four children with them are actually theirs without DNA testing.  There was an incident recently on the U.S. and Mexican border where an asylum seeker was found to have been sexually abusing a young girl who we claim to be his daughter, it turned out that girl was his niece and her family had given her to him to take the United States.  In many countries parents that do not want or can afford to keep their children will sell them or give them away, this might be something that is hard for people in the United States and Europe to understand but it’s a fact.

With the mass illegal migration into Europe and the United States from countries where children might have been orphaned, sold or given away it has provided the perverts, pedophiles and the gangs that work with them a pool of undocumented victims on which to pray on and exploit.

While the mainstream media plays up the plight of their camera friendly victims, they’re ignoring the current and future consequences and problems of the mass migration that they are promoting and encouraging into United States and Europe.

Note: If you have a real-life story on human trafficking, being trafficked etc. and what to talk about your experiences let me know… If you are need of immediate assistance or help you must contact your local police department!

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